keskiviikko 16. huhtikuuta 2014

Spring fever!

Spring is here and so is spring fever. I really have not made much jewellery during the year and have not updated my blog for almost a year. This is why it was so nice to be able to participate in a blog challenge of Thea Elements, Blueberribeads and Smitten beads.

These are the beads I received, there are just a few extras from my own stash which I forgot to remove before taking the photo ( they are those pink and brown ones with flowers in them)

And this is what I created.  The beads were so lovely I wanted to make something I could wear a lot. I work in a hospital and cannot really wear any jewellery there but a nice necklace to hang my name tag from is something I always wear there.

Sorry for the bad photos. I took them on my iPad and they are not half as good as I wanted them to be...

Aren´t these beads precious!  I love the little bird and the lovely flower pendant!  The cinnabar type bead is from my own stash as are the red and green ones. I used cotton cord to knot the beads and added the lovely silk ribbon in the back. Adding more beads would have made this far too heavy, silk ribbon is a perfect solution, also making the necklace far more comfortable to wear.

 Earrings can also be worn. These are asymmetrical which is always fun, at least with such cute beads!

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